Video Analysis

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Sprongo Video Features – Overlay, Side-by-Side, Merging, Trimming & More!

Sprongo has many video features on its platform to help you analyse and compare your videos. There are quite a few of them so lets break them down for one by one and explain how and why you should use each feature. Side by Side This Tool allows you to view two videos at the same time, effectively helping you determine differences and similarities of techniques and movements between the two videos. To use the tool, simply click on the ‘VS’ icon that appears at the bottom right of one of the  videos you want to compare. Clicking on ‘VS’ prompts you to select a second video you want to compare and will bring you to a page the views both videos side by side. This is where you can play both videos at the same time, increase or decrease the speed and overlay your videos. Overlay The Overlay Tool…