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Pro skier, Ludvig Fjallstrom, interview

Ludvig Fjallstrom is a mogul pro skier from Åre, Sweden. He recently competed in the FIS World Cup opening in Ruka, starting as nr 1! We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions beforehand.

IP: You are from Åre, Sweden, a well-known ski village. Do you think it was inevitable that you started skiing and went into moguls?

LF: Well I grew up in a ski resort and started racing as a kid, but got into moguls because of the friendly vibe that was in it at the time.

IP: How did you know that you wanted to be a pro skier?

LF: When I was around 14 I decided that I wanted to go all the way to the top. I had just started winning some Swedish and Scandinavian cups. It’s really a dream coming true being able to ski for a living and having so many great friends around the world.

IP: It’s certainly very cool! What do you have to do daily to ensure you stay at the top of your class?

LF: My training is a ton of things, from lifting weights to prevent injuries, to gymnastics, water ramp, and of course skiing. We train with the team about 5-6 days a week and 2-3 sessions per day.

IP: Wow! What is the worst part about your lifestyle or job?

LF: I can’t think of the worst things (laughs) because I’m always having fun with it. Maybe being away from home is a minor downside because it’s hard to stay close with people back home, but I’ll have time for that later.

IP: And the best? Just getting to ski every day?

LF: The best things are also different, from performing well and being on the podium to going to hockey games or karaoke nights with my friends. It’s just a friendly and respectful environment that everyone likes!

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