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Virtual Coaching and its benefits

Like in so many aspects of our world, technology has had a big impact on our approach to learning and development. From e-learning, to apps (aka Sprongo!), to gamification, and AI, digital technology enables us to enhance our coaching and athlete development methods.

This is where virtual coaching comes in. We’ll take you through what it is, and how it can benefit our athletes of today.

So, what is virtual coaching?

In a nutshell, it’s coaching that is conducted over a web-based platform. It can be through  any sort of online communication, whether it may be video conferencing, online courses, webinars or forums. It allows for more people to enjoy the development experience that is facilitated by a qualified coach.

The benefits

1. Removing Geography

Virtual coaching allows coaches to provide training with anyone, anywhere. No matter where your athletes are, you won’t need to be restricted to only having face-to-face training sessions. Virtual delivery enhances the coach and athlete relationship by adding another medium for learning and development, and helps brings teams together from across the world.

2.  Flexibility

Behaviourally, technology has also shaped how we want life to be. We want things to be easy and convenient. Quicker, cheaper but better quality. It should slot into to our lifestyle and on our terms. Mobile technology and data networks mean we can have coaching conversations wherever and whenever we want. Virtual coaching allows the flexibility for your athletes to self-direct their learning and undertake it when it is the right time for them.

3. Effectiveness

The foundations of a coaching relationship are made up of 2 things – Trust & Rapport. It’s when we have these in abundance that an effective coaching relationship can be created.

Having qualified coaches that are actively using virtual coaching gives athletes another way to consume their learning, and enhance their normal training methods. Training sessions, along with virtual coaching is an effective duo to help athletes improve their performance and development.

The Sprongo Blog – embracing virtual coaching

Improving and aiding athlete development is what we’re all about here at Sprongo. We’re continuously looking for ways to evolve the coaching experience to help boost athlete and team performance.

Virtual coaching is a powerful teaching method, so in light of our partnership with USSA, we’ve developed The Sprongo Blog. This will work as a hub for teams, allowing coaches to upload various learning materials, from blogs documenting team progress and training sessions, to lesson plans and notes.

It’s a diverse platform that will allow coaches to use it the way that they want, and allow athletes to learn on the go anytime, anywhere.

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