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The 3 essential tools for Video Analysis

If you haven’t started video analysis for your team yet, it’s time to start now. Video analysis is a crucial part of training, giving athletes and coaches a platform to help improve their performance and development.

To get the ball rolling, here’s a few essential tools you’ll need to start video analysis for your athletes. 

1. A functional camera

One of the main things you need to start capturing videos – a camera. This is the first step of video analysis. Whether you’d like to start off using your smartphone, or are wanting to invest in a high-quality camera, having a device that can record videos is essential. However, using a smartphone can often limit your ability to coach. The benefit of having an actual camera that can be fitted onto a tripod means that you can be both coach and videographer at the same time.

2. A stable tripod

Another important thing you’ll need to get started with video analysis is a tripod for your camera. Having a tripod will allow you to film hands-free, and will capture steady footage that will be easier to analyse. Look out for one that’s good quality so that it’s stable in different weather conditions, and also one that isn’t too bulky – to ensure it’s easy and portable to take wherever you go. It’s important to place your tripod and camera in a good spot that can capture the right angles and movements of your athletes. 

3. The help of a video analysis platform

With a camera and tripod in hand, you’ve got the main things you need to start filming footage. However, the next step is to start video analysis, and to help you do so, it’s best to use a video analysis platform. Our Sprongo platform incorporates all the tools you’ll need to start getting the best out of your analysis. From overlay and side-by-side comparison, to slow and fast motion playback – our tools can help you analyse every little movement to figure out where your athletes need to improve.

With these 3 essentials under your belt, you can finally begin analysing videos to help your team boost their technique and performance!

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