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Why Observational Analysis is an essential coaching skill

When it comes to training and improving sport performance, athletes look to their coaches for guidance. They rely on their mentors to give them valuable feedback on their performance so they can improve their skills, technique, and strive to be better athletes. This is why observational analysis is crucial for coaches to understand and undertake to lead their teams to success.

But first off, what is observational analysis?

Observational analysis is a popular technique that require coaches to become effective observers to enable them to identify an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses in performance. It gives athletes a focus point on where they may need to improve, or work harder on. Observational analysis provides them with an in-depth review of their technique and performance, that will ultimately help them boost their skills.

How to apply observational analysis with your athletes

Not only do coaches have to be mentors, they also have to be effective analysts and observers. This requires high-level perception, critical thinking, and scrutiny. Coaches need to observe thoroughly, and watch their athletes technique very closely to be able to effectively assess their current performance.

Depending on the sport, there are many methods to help you better in observing your athletes performance. Slowing down drills can make it easier for you to analyse each athlete’s performance. And getting your team to practice at full speed is also beneficial in observing the whole team together. The key here is to always be observing to be able to determine the strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Observational Analysis made easier with video

One of the biggest challenges coaches have faced with observational analysis – is its’ reliance on human memory, and eyesight. Technology has now been developed to help enhance a coaches observational process. High-tech equipment and processes such as wearable sensors, compact video cameras, and immediate replay technology has made observational analysis a much easier task for coaches. However, it isn’t just easier, it’s more thorough, and detailed.

Video analysis platforms such as Sprongo have the ability to analyse an athlete’s performance right down to the slightest movement. From slow mo cuts, side by side videos and overlay comparisons, it equips coaches with an easy-to-use platform that enhances the observational analysis process to help improve athlete performance and technique.

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