Karate, the ancient martial art taking the world by storm

Karate is a modernized version of an ancient Chinese art known as Kung Fu, however the martial art greatly advanced in Okinawa around the late 17th century, when a ban of weapons was imposed on the Japanese samurai. The Japanese word “karate” means “empty handed” and it is an apt description for this martial art as training by early masters had to be done in secret as weapons could no longer be carried on the island. Self-defense had shifted to being based on empty handed techniques. Watching Tom Cruise’s movie, The Last samurai helps explain the forces behind the demise of the samurai and what led to the ban.

    The Evolution of Skateboarding

    While it might seem that Skateboarding is a fairly modern action sport, skateboarding has now been around for quite a while. While the origin of the first skateboard has never been proven, the appearance of skateboards seemed to spontaneously show up on Californian streets in the early 1950s. Just one day a multitude of wooden boards with roller skate wheels slapped on the bottom appeared with the pioneers deciding it was more fun to surf concrete than waves.

      Perfect your running technique with SIVA

      Even the cheetah, the most perfectly crafted running machine on earth, can only run about 1.5 miles before overheating. Yet today’s fastest Olympic marathoners could only be beaten by a handful of earths animals in that long distance. Today however, running has been embraced by humans all over the world, some for fun, some for fitness and others to push the limits of the human body’s capabilities.

        The revolutionary video analysis tool for rowing

        What began so many years ago as a way of transport in Egypt and other parts of Europe has become one of the great competitive sports in human history. As a sport, the origins date back to the 17th century in England from the Oxford-Cambridge university boat races. Today, rowers compete against each other individually or in teams in races all around the world.

          Sprongo Brings AI Video Analysis to the Masses

          It’s no secret that in order to become the best skier you can be, careful analysis of your skiing is an essential piece to that puzzle. Almost every skier and coach since it became practical to film turns with handheld cameras has had some form of video analysis used as part of their programs. In many ways, the camera revolutionized ski racing and opened up a whole new realm of analysis to coaches and athletes not possible in the early days of the sport.

            Intelligent Video Analysis for Gymnastics

            Gymnastics dates back to ancient Greece, where athletes strengthened and improved their physical fitness by performing a series of graceful exercises that blended both strength of will and self-discipline with skill and precision. These exercises would help improve the balance, strength, flexibility and endurance of the athletes, which were highly valued traits by Greek society at the time.

              Announcing SIVA’s New Interval Feature

              If you missed it, a few weeks ago we announced the launch of SIVA, Sprongo’s brand new Intelligent Video Analytics Software. Just weeks after launching, SIVA has already been embraced by numerous professional athletes and teams around the world. Harnessing the power of SIVA’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, athletes and coaches have already analyzed thousands of videos.