Chloe Kim – The Youngest Woman Ever to Win an Olympic Snowboarding Gold Medal

U.S Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim made Olympic history in Pyeongchang last week – becoming the youngest woman ever to win an Olympic snowboarding medal.

She may have forgot to finish her breakfast sandwich on the team bus on the morning of the women’s halfpipe event, even complaining about being “hangry” on Twitter right before her third run in the finals. Neverthelesss, being hangry didn’t make a difference at all.

Kim won gold, and infact, had secured her gold medal before her third run. In her final sequence, Kim could’ve just gone down the middle of the halfpipe, in search of a bite to eat to suppress her ‘hangryness’, and she would’ve still won gold.

Instead, she went all out and scored 98.25, beating her earlier score of 93.75 – which by the way, would’ve won gold – she pulled off the first ever back-to-back 1080s in women’s Olympic history.

After realising she had made Olympic history, she went in search for her mother and father, who was raising a giant handmade poster that said “Go Chloe!”, and a big red heart on the top.

Since then, Kim and her father, Jong Jin Kim, have pretty much gone viral. Kim and her adorably supportive family have stolen hearts across the world.

Jong Jin Kim, Chloe’s father, immigrated to California from South Korea, where the Winter Olympics are now taking place. He bought Chloe her first snowboard at age four, off of eBay for $25.

He even started snowboarding alongside his daughter. They remember the early days when neither of them knew what they were doing and would tumble down the slopes together. But it wasn’t long until Jong Jin saw some real snowboarding potential in his daughter.

He ended up quitting his day job when Chloe was eight in order to support what was only the beginning of her snowboarding career. The sacrifices he made to encourage young Chloe, would be matched only by the time and effort Chloe put in on the slopes.

And that it has. Both of their hard work has slowly paid off, with Kim picking up quite the collection of achievements. She had actually qualified for the 2014 Winter Olympics by winning silver at the Winter X Games, however she was too young to compete in Sochi at the time. Since then, she’s won four gold medals at the X Games over the years and two gold medals at the 2016 Youth Winter Olympics. 

Despite her success, Kim is still extremely down-to-earth. For many, it was almost a formality to have her go down the third run in order to place the gold medal around her neck. But that made no difference. Kim still competed with heart and passion, not settling for “good enough” but giving it her complete all, even if it didn’t effect the final placements.

It’s not hard to see how Chloe Kim has become one of the favourites to watch this Olympics. With the world watching, Kim has become an influential athlete, despite her young age. Her determination and perseverance will be sure to make her one to watch in the future.

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