Olympic 2020 Highlights: Moments we won’t forget

It’s been almost a week since the Tokyo Olympics ended, and it was truly like no other. It may have seemed impossible to organise amidst the pandemic, however, the Olympic Committee did an incredible job of pulling everything off. People around the world were gripped to their TV’s, excited to have something to look forward to during uncertain times. There were many highs and plenty of memorable moments that will go down in Olympic history. It’s been a week since the closing ceremony, but we want to relive some of the biggest achievements from the Games. 

Here are just some of the moments that captured our hearts.  

India gets their first Hockey medal in 41 years

India defeated Germany to win a bronze medal in the men’s field hockey. It was the country’s first medal in hockey since 1980 – a decade before any of the current players were even born! They had won 11 hockey medals before 1980, with none over the course of 41 years. The curse is finally broken. 

Turkey wins first-ever Olympic medal 

Turkey’s Mete Gazoz bagged the country’s first-ever Olympic medal in archery. The 22-year-old faced Italian archer Mauro Nespoli in the final, winning 6-4 to receive the gold medal. Gazoz thanked his family, trainer and the federation for his achievement. “Today I’m happy to achieve the Olympic medal I have dreamed of for years”.

Two golds are better than one

The men’s high jump turned into a duel between Qatar’s Mutaz Essa Barshim and Italy’s Gianmarco Tamberi. Round after round, the two athletes simply couldn’t outdo each other, forcing an Olympic official to order a ‘jump-off’ to decide the final winner. What happened next was the Olympics’ biggest symbol of sportsmanship and friendship. Barshim asked the official “Can we have two golds?”. The official agreed, and the two athletes jumped for joy as they embraced each other. 

The biggest comeback of Olympics 2020

Dutch runner Sifan Hassan may have had a setback during the 1500m race, but that didn’t phase her. The runner in front of her tripped, causing her to fall to the ground aswell. She was well the rest, with eleven of the world’s fastest runners between her and the finish line. With her unbelievable drive and determination, she whizzed past them one by one, and won the gold medal she deserved. Watch her win in the video below.

Young Olympians making their debut

It has also been incredibly inspiring to see such young athletes win their first Olympic medals. 13-year-old Sky Brown became Great Britain’s first Olympic skateboarders and also the youngest team member ever. She won bronze in the park skateboard contest. 

Chinese diver Quan Hongchan who is 14-years-old, won gold in the women’s 10m diving event after scoring two perfect 10’s.

Here is a final tally of the final Olympic Medal Count:

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