The New Sprongo Trimming Feature You Need to Try!

As you all know, the team here at Sprongo love to constantly update and add new features, tools, and applications to provide you with the best possible video analysis software to help train and educate your athletes.

The benefits of video analysis are endless and we wanted to give you a quick reminder as to why analysing videos of athletes in your sport can be hugely beneficial.

Joshua McCarron of pointed out some benefits that we 100% agree with.

Prevent Injury

With the aid of video analysis, you can prevent injury by studying technique and avoiding movements that are sustainable to injury.

Discover your Weaknesses

by analysing areas in which you or members of your team are struggling with and therefore study videos that can help in improving those weak points.

Learn from the best

Sprongo’s database has videos from top athletes in the industry that are available for you to analyse to help improve your performance and pick up on positive habits successful athletes are using to succeed.

Prepare yourself and your Team

If you’re trying to get in top shape before an upcoming competition, one of the best ways to prepare is to analyse your opponent’s videos. Find out what their strengths and weaknesses are, know what you’re up against and use this to your advantage.

Now, we didn’t just mention these benefits out of nowhere – because our new Trimming Feature will help you in doing all of these things.

The new Sprongo Trimming Feature will allow you to create and edit video highlights, trim existing videos or replace them with new ones.

This will help in enhancing analysation of your performance videos to highlight points of a video which are of importance to you and your team.

Check out the easy steps below on how to use the new Trimming Feature!

1. Click on the scissor icon to begin trimming your video. 

2. Select the beginning and end point of your trimmed video.