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Austrian skier Max Hauke caught doping in Seefeld police raid

Image courtesy of The Times Uk. The Nordic skiing World Championships in Seefeld was hit with a doping scandal last week, after a video of Austrian skier Max Hauke with a doping needle in his arm leaked online. The video shows Hauke having a blood transfusion ahead of the men’s 15km race that took place on Wednesday. Former professional skiier Max Hauke gets caught #doping for the Ski World Cup. He takes a drug which enhances red blood cell count, removes the blood, then after dope tests transfuses the doped blood. He was caught mid transfusion — vitaxnewsroom (@vitaxnewsroom) March 1, 2019 There were a number of police raids – in Erfurt, Germany, and at the championships in Seefeld, which resulted in the arrests of five elite skiers and four other people. Along with Hauke, Austrian Dominik Baldauf was also arrested. The others included four-time Olympian Alexei Poltoranin…