How to avoid “catching a crab” in rowing

“Catching a crab” is a common fear for many rowers. The term refers to when a rower loses control of their oar. The blade then gets trapped in the water by the momentum of the shell, and the oar handle swings backwards, often going over the rower’s head. In extreme cases, the rower may even be thrown overboard. It’s a setback that can effectively take you out of the competition. However, there are ways to overcome the crab and deal with it safely. Don’t resist it Most of the time, rowers fight against the handle when it becomes trapped in the water. Doing this is what risks you stopping the boat, or worse, getting thrown overboard. Instead, don’t resist it. If you leave the oar to itself, it will come to rest parallel to the boat and leave it trailing in the water. This method allows the boat to lose…

    The revolutionary video analysis tool for rowing

    What began so many years ago as a way of transport in Egypt and other parts of Europe has become one of the great competitive sports in human history. As a sport, the origins date back to the 17th century in England from the Oxford-Cambridge university boat races. Today, rowers compete against each other individually or in teams in races all around the world.

      The Australian Rowing team join Sprongo

      The Australian Rowing team The Australian rowing team have recently just become users of Sprongo. Their vision is to become the number one rowing nation in the world as well as Australia’s top Olympic sport. They are utilising Sprongo’s tools to help them towards achieving this goal. Rowing is a sport for life that is recognised for it’s tradition and ability to appeal to athletes of all ages. Rowing is a part of Australia’s national sporting and cultural heritage. Their international success dates all the way back to 1867, when Edward ‘Ned’ Trickett won the first sporting World Championship for Australia. Rowing Australia Rowing Australia is the national governing body for the sport. Rowing Australia aims to ensure the continuation of high performance success and also provide a blueprint for further development of the sport. With such a strong vision Rowing Australia values excellence, integrity and teamwork. These values all…

        Canadian rowing team uses our video analysis

        Canadian rowing Canadian rowing uses our video analysis tools to compete successfully at an International level. Rowing is one of Canada’s top summer olympic sports. It is popular as it does not discriminate on age or ability.  Teams are selected to represent the country at each international rowing competition, including the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Rowing Canada Avrion (RCA) is the overall governing body for rowing in the country. RCA was founded by the rowing clubs that existed in 1880 and was originally named “The Canadian Association of Amateur Oarsmen.” In 1974 the name was changed to “The Canadian Amateur Rowing Association”. RCA has grown to a total of 15,000 members of different levels, ages and ability. Members row for recreation, fitness, health and competition. RCA has a mission to build, drive and inspire growth and excellence within Canada’s rowing community. It focuses on governing the sport, encouraging competition and enhancing individual’s competencies. History…

          Rowing Season Heating Up

          Get an edge this season with rowing video analysis

          Some of the top college teams – both in rowing and other sports – already use Sprongo rowing video analysis tools to analyze and improve performance, and some are likely to fall behind without the ability to perform in-depth scrutiny of movement. Cornell, current holder of the Parents Cup, and the excellent Wisconsin Badgers, are both past users.

            Sprongo for winning university teams

            Win with Sprongo Sprongo’s users includes a core group of leading universities, such as Denver, Cornell and Wisconsin.  These and others have been utilizing our video analysis for several years.  While, Denver uses Sprongo for skiing, Cornell and Wisconsin adopted Sprongo as their video platform of choice for rowing.  These universities have a history of winning and our tools will help keep them at the top of their games. The Denver Pioneers Denver’s Alpine Ski Team is presently the university team with the best overall record. It has won 8 championships from 2000, including 2014. They have also won a record 22 NCAA titles dating back to 1954. The 22 ski titles are the fourth most NCAA division 1 titles by any team in any sport. They are a true champion university team. Loveland Ski Area is the official training facility of the Alpine Ski team. The team trains on 143 trails…