The evolution of competitive swimming

Swimming is something most of us take for granted. For most of us, it’s something we learn to do at a young age to stop our lungs from filling up with water if you were to accidentally fall into a river. Prior to the 19th century, people would have thought you were crazy thinking of swimming as a sport in the same vein as football or tennis. Now swimming is one of the most popular participation sports in the world.

    Hungary wins gold at Men’s World League Europa Cup Final

    Hungary surprised everyone with their gold medal win at the Men’s World League Europa Cup. The exciting final match between Hungary and Croatia was held in Zagreb, with 2,000 spectators stunned at the final result. The Croatian water polo team – who were the world-title holders – were the favourites to win. However, the Hungarians continued to fight it out for victory.

      Athletes of Sprongo – Sarah Sjostrom

      As a Video Analysis platform, we are lucky enough to have some amazing athletes using our Sprongo platform to help them achieve success! One of our top athletes is Sarah Sjostrom. Sarah is a Swedish World Record Swimmer, specializing in butterfly, backstroke, and freestyle, however its pretty safe to say – she is incredibly exceptional in her butterfly races. She is a holder of multiple World Records – in the 50 meter freestyle, 100 meter freestyle, 200 meter freestyle, 50 meter butterfly, and the 100 meter butterfly. Not to mention, she is the first Swedish woman to ever win an Olympic Gold Medal in Swimming. If you think she can’t get better than this.. you are utterly wrong. Read on! Her International Breakout At the age of just 14, Sarah won her very first international gold medal  in the Women’s 100m butterfly at the 2008 European Championships. She even broke the Swedish…