Video Analysis

Sprongo Brings AI Video Analysis to the Masses

It’s no secret that in order to become the best skier you can be, careful analysis of your skiing is an essential piece to that puzzle. Almost every skier and coach since it became practical to film turns with handheld cameras has had some form of video analysis used as part of their programs. In many ways, the camera revolutionized ski racing and opened up a whole new realm of analysis to coaches and athletes not possible in the early days of the sport.

Intelligent Video Analysis for Gymnastics

Gymnastics dates back to ancient Greece, where athletes strengthened and improved their physical fitness by performing a series of graceful exercises that blended both strength of will and self-discipline with skill and precision. These exercises would help improve the balance, strength, flexibility and endurance of the athletes, which were highly valued traits by Greek society at the time.

Announcing SIVA’s New Interval Feature

If you missed it, a few weeks ago we announced the launch of SIVA, Sprongo’s brand new Intelligent Video Analytics Software. Just weeks after launching, SIVA has already been embraced by numerous professional athletes and teams around the world. Harnessing the power of SIVA’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, athletes and coaches have already analyzed thousands of videos.

Strength and conditioning and the place video analytics can play in achieving optimal performance.

When competing at a top level, strength and conditioning can often be the difference between victory or defeat. In fact, stats show that athletes who adopt an exercise prescription of strength training and aerobic conditioning have a higher degree of injury prevention and generally thrive within their chosen performance sports.

Our favorite moments from rugby world cup history

The Rugby World Cup is in full swing with the semifinals just over a week away. These clashes between Titans have been a spectacular thing to watch, with teams from all over the world competing for the glory of becoming the winner of the 2019 rugby World Cup. While it’s safe to say conditions haven’t been optimal for rugby, we’ve seen some spectacular plays, great sportsmanship and some of the best rugby played in the world.

Instant Technique Analysis: Welcome to the Future of Sports Analytics

At Sprongo, we have been consistently trying to provide instant video analysis. Our efforts have always been towards bringing analysis to the cloud. We know how much video tracking and the analysis it allows is a gamechanger for many athletes, coaches, and sportspeople. But we also know how time-consuming it can be to have to annotate each body position, compare side by side, and then try to make the analysis to find improvement. We knew that our users needed more. Welcome to the future of sports analytics.