Video Analysis

Comparing Sprongo to other Video Analysis Platforms

Coaches and athletes have embraced Sprongo as their leading video analysis platform. While other platforms offer a similar service, Sprongo provides a unique experience that combines cloud-based, mobile app and artificial intelligence capabilities. With these features in play, Sprongo allows for easy video analysis anywhere, anytime. Unlike other platforms, Sprongo’s software is completely web-based. We’ve removed the need to install, download or upgrade our software to make life easier for our users. All you need is an internet connection and an account and you’re good to go. The Sprongo platform also has integrated AI capabilities that provides automated analysis of angles and movement. It carefully analyzes the angular measurements of an athlete’s legs, hips, shoulders and arms within a video clip. This allows you to spend more time analyzing rather than manually noting each measurement frame-by-frame. You can analyze more than one frame in your videos and create datasets for…

    How to use Sprongo’s Video Analysis Features

    Sprongo is an intelligent video analysis platform that offers automated angle analysis of movement. It takes video analysis to the next level with easy analysis of angular measurements of an athlete’s legs, hips, shoulders and arms. To help you get the most out of your video analysis, below are step-by step instructions for some of Sprongo’s features. Analyze Intervals Sprongo’s Interval Analysis feature provides detailed analysis of movement and angle measurement over all 4 quadrants of the body. With this feature you are able to select up to 3 seconds to be analyzed. Login to your Sprongo account and upload the video you want to analyze, or select one of your uploaded videos. Use the slider on the video’s timeline to select which movement you would like to analyze. Click the blue ‘AI Analyze’ button on the bottom right and select ‘Analyze Interval’. Once the ‘Analyze Interval’ function is selected,…

      How to analyze videos on Sprongo

      Sprongo is an easy-to-use, integrated cloud platform for teams and athletes to share and analyze videos to help improve performance and technique. For a run-down on how to upload and analyze videos, follow the steps below. How to upload video First things first, you will need to upload videos onto your Sprongo dashboard to be able to analyze them. Go to your Sprongo dashboard and select ‘Videos’. Click ‘Editing and Uploading Video’. Select a playlist to add the video to or create a new playlist. Select the video you would like to upload. Set your download permission and privacy options. Tag users you would like to share the video with. Add keyword tags to make it easier to search for later. How to analyze videos Once your video is uploaded, it’s time to analyze it. Select the video you would like to analyze. Add comments to selected points of your…

        Getting started with the Sprongo Video Analysis App

        The Sprongo Video Analysis App allows coaches and teams to analyze video from anywhere, at anytime. It not only makes the video analysis process easier but also much more convenient.  The Sprongo app includes all video analysis features, including the ability to upload and record videos to the platform, share videos with your teams, and tools such as side-by-side analysis, slow motion, overlay comparison, and more. Here’s our guide to getting started on the Sprongo video analysis app. Create your account  If you’re new to Sprongo, it’s easy to create a new account or find and join your team within the app. You can either create a new team to share your videos within, or use your Sprongo account individually. Simply select the option that suits you best. Create a team on the Sprongo video analysis app Click ‘create team’. Type in the name of your team, and set…

          The History and Evolution of Volleyball

          Volleyball is actually the 5th most popular sport, and the second most popular team sport in the world, with over 900 Million fans around the globe. It’s also a fairly recent sport, developed at Springfield Massachusetts in 1895 by YMCA instructor William G. Morgan. The sport, originally named ‘mintonette’, borrowed ideas from a number of sports including basketball, tennis, handball and baseball. The following year, professor Alfred Halstead proposed changing the name to ‘volleyball’ after observing the volleying nature of the game. The sport became very popular, very quickly, being played by both men and women around the country at various colleges, playgrounds and even throughout the armed forces.

            The evolution of competitive swimming

            Swimming is something most of us take for granted. For most of us, it’s something we learn to do at a young age to stop our lungs from filling up with water if you were to accidentally fall into a river. Prior to the 19th century, people would have thought you were crazy thinking of swimming as a sport in the same vein as football or tennis. Now swimming is one of the most popular participation sports in the world.

              Basketball and how a 30 year old gym teacher invented one of the most popular sports in the world

              Unlike most other sports that have roots that date back thousands of years, basketball is a fairly recent sport and there is no ambiguity as to when and how it was created. In Springfield Massachusetts, December 1891, 30 year old YMCA gym teacher James Naismith invented the game as a way to keep peoples fitness levels up during the incredibly cold Boston winters. To create the game, he used a wooden peach basket, a 10-foot pole and a soccer ball. In 1891, the first ever basketball game was played between Naismith’s students, with a final score of 1-0.