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3 ways to start building a positive and empowering team culture

As a coach, your role within a team is not only to be a mentor, trainer, and guide, but it’s also to create a positive and empowering team culture. This is important because a team’s culture has a huge impact on the way your athletes perform, interact, and contribute to the team as a whole. We like the way League Network puts it – identifying your teams culture goes beyond the want and desire to win a match. It’s more about what your athletes beliefs, attitudes and values are. To start building a positive and empowering team culture, here’s where you should start. Reach out to your team We’re talking about ‘team’ culture here, and that means it shouldn’t be defined just by you as a coach, it should be defined by the whole team. So to determine what your team culture is all about, you’ll need to have a…

    5 ways to help improve your coaching technique

    Wanting to do everything you can to be the best coach possible? The truth is, as a coach, you should be developing and improving your methods constantly. What works for one group of athletes, may not work for another. So it’s important to know your athletes and train them according to what they need. If you’re wanting to learn a few more ways to improve your coaching skills, you’ve come to the right place! Easy Ways helps us understand some key points on how we can all be better coaches. 1. Keep a coaching journal Many coaches seem to underestimate the benefits of documenting training sessions and keeping training journals. From improving technique and boosting efficiency to providing clear direction for lessons, training journals are extremely helpful for both coaches, as well as athletes. Top coaches have been keeping training journals to aid them in improving team performance and efficiency.…