The majority of Sprongo ski teams come from the American continent. Though not only US and Canadian teams choose Sprongo to analyse and brush up their sports results. Recently we’ve got raising number of views from our Scandinavian team – Mittuniversitetet (Mid Sweden University). It’s one of the leading research centres in the ski industry. Have a closer look at it.

Mid Sweden University  (MSU) is another Scandinavian heavy user of Sprongo’s video analysis platform. Situated in the geographical centre of Sweden, MSU has three campuses. One in Sundsvall, one in Härnösand and in Östersund. It offers its student a place where they can meet, learn to think in new ways and get inspired.

Ski research time

MSU develops programmes of winter and summer sports. In 2007 the Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre (SWSRC) became part of Mid Sweden University. In partnership with the Swedish Olympic Committee and others, nowadays it’s one of Sweden’s top notch environments for sports-based research.

Recently SWRC has opened a new climate laboratory. It was designed especially for high-altitude tests for athletes. There they simulate altitudes up to 9,000 metres above sea level and temperatures as low as minus 20 to plus 30 degrees Celsius. This opens new horizons for more profound research on athletes’ performances and testing equipment.  For instance, it is equipped with a treadmill for testing in cross-country running and skiing. Laboratory helps to create individually adapted high-altitude setups. It contributes to the Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre’s leading position in research on cross-country skiing. As well it’s a part of a Swedish Olympic test centre.

ISEA Winter School 2016

In 2016 MSU hosts Winter School in Sports Engineering in collaboration with ISEA. University was chosen to be the first in Sweden to hold this event. 6 consecutive years Winter School turns into a melting pot for sports, business, research and recreation. MSU creates a unique environment for professional athletes development. The university also becomes a platform for the creation of new sports outdoor products.

Now winter season is open, university offers a variety of activities for its students. They can explore five World Cup ski slopes in Sundsvall. Try its winter rails, sleigh tracks and an amusement park. Students can also enjoy cross-country skiing tacks all around town.

Medal harvest

Mid Sweden University harvested a big part of the Swedish Olympic medals. Current students and graduates from Ski and Biathlon University (SBU) at Östersund campus led to Sweden’s raving success in the Winter Olympics. 12 out of 17 skiers in the Swedish cross country skiing team in the Olympic Games are current or former students at SBU. Teodor Peterson won bronze medal in the men’s sprint. And Emil Jönsson and Ida Ingemarsdotter took bronze in the team sprint.

It’s impressive that the whole team has trained at the National Winter Sports Centre in the Mid Sweden University.