All New Sprongo App Slow Motion Video Analysis

We have just release the latest version of the Sprongo app for iPhone.  The main enhancement is the addition of slo mo. This provides more scope for analysing your performance on the app, rather than having to wait until the end of the day.

You can also use slo mo for all your sources of video on the app, including streamed video from your cloud account.  This adds to our existing services that already include:

  • Record and store unlimited videos.
  • Upload to Sprongo website for personal cloud storage.
  • Download or stream unlimited online videos.
  • Auto-share with whole team by uploading to team pages.
  • Download or stream online videos from your teams.
  • Tag team members in videos for better organization and association.

This combination of great video services plus slo mo on the Sprongo app really sets us apart.  We are the most integrated performance sport video analysis app to cloud service platform on the market today.

Great teams use Sprongo

We are trusted by over 7,000 teams and 55,000 athletes. Over 1,100,000 videos have been analysed on Sprongo platforms so far.  But our best testimonials are the leading teams that continue to use Sprongo every season to improve their performances and become winners.  These include:

  • Alpine Canada Alpin
  • The US Paralympics ski team
  • The Swedish olympic team, summer and winter.
  • The top 5 in US college in the 2016 NCAA ski championships.
  • Many college rowing teams such as Cornell and Wisconsin.
  • Middle and high school ski academies in the US and Norway.

We are already recognised by many top coaches and athletes as the best video analysis platform for performance sports.  We are continuing to invest in our product to ensure our users continue to grow and develop as athletes. The many teams that use Sprongo will continue to enjoy their advantage in the seasons to come.