Use the Sprongo App for flexibility on the go

The Sprongo App allows you to access your videos while on the go, making training available to you and your team anytime and anywhere.

Gabbi Hall of interviewed JP Daigneault, a ski coach based at Northwood School in New York who has been using Sprongo with his teams for over five years.

He is an advocate for on-hill video analysis and encourages his athletes to use the Sprongo App to review their videos as they go up the lift between runs. He would film the runs during practice and his X2 card would instantly send the footage through to his phone, which would then upload to the Sprongo cloud. This easily allowed the athletes to whip out their phones while on the lift and review the videos after every single run.

The Sprongo App allows them to view the videos in full speed or slow motion, giving them instant ability to analyse and improve their techniques.

You can download the app for iOs or Android.

Take comparing videos to the next level by using our Overlay Tool

Sprongo allows you to compare videos side-by-side to analyse differences in technique, however, many people tend to overlook the value of the Overlay Tool.

The overlay tool merges the two videos into one to compare two subjects/athletes to analyse points in a run where one subject may gain advantage over another.

Dennis Ho of points out three comparisons overlaying videos are best at analysing:

  • A single athlete for example, before and after training (to determine the effectiveness of training)
  • A single athlete, before and after rehab
  • Multiple athletes – to compare technique

It is best to overlay videos where both subjects are moving left to right, or right to left across the cameras view as this way, it is much easier to determine the separation and difference between the two subjects.

This is why Sprongo allows you to only overlay two videos at once, otherwise the tool loses its purpose and makes comparing runs a much harder process.

Use the draw and comment tool to highlight key points of your videos

Highlight key points in certain stages of a video to emphasise a particular technique or movement. The draw & comment tool is easily located in the bottom tool bar of the video, and you can draw using a number different shapes, and attach that with a comment you would like to make for that particular moment. This allows your team members to view the sketch and comment when they play the video.

Don’t forget to use relevant tags when archiving!

One of the simpler features Sprongo has to offer is the archiving and tagging tool. Don’t be fooled by how simple it is, because it’s actually one of the features many coaches greatly appreciate!

Sprongo allows you to archive an unlimited amount of videos to easily find them by using relevant keywords and tags that you choose to save it with. The key point here is to make sure to save your videos with relevant keywords that you will use to search for it later.

Archiving useful videos with good keywords helps you easily reference back to them whenever you need to for analysation or comparisons with your current or new videos.

We hope these tips helps you in optimising our Sprongo service to better help you and your teams achieve success!

– The Sprongo Team