Great news – Sprongo just got even better!

We are proud to announce our newly updated app has just been released!

We’ve worked extra hard to make analysing videos an easier task for you and your teams.

The new app has been redesigned, not only making it look a whole lot better, but it will now give you access to all video analysis features, including:

  • A new video feed
  • Record and store unlimited videos
  • Download or stream unlimited online videos – including your teams!
  • Auto-share with your team by uploading videos to your team pages
  • Side-by-side analysis
  • Slow motion video analysis
  • Overlay comparison
  • Trimming, Highlights & Drawing tools
  • And more!

Here’s a little sneak peak on what our new app looks like!  

Sign in with your account or set up a new account on the app, then use it to upload, analyse and share your videos in real time.

Download the new app today to be fully equipped to analyse technique and improve performance on the go!

Download from the Apple App Store today!