The new Sprongo Blog feature is finally here!

To help coaches enhance communication with their athletes, we’re providing them with a blog platform that gives them all the benefits of virtual coaching.

One of our goals at Sprongo is to break down the barriers of coaching, and our new Blog feature does just that. It gives each athlete a chance to learn and develop their skills on the go, from anywhere in the world.

Every team on Sprongo will have a ‘blog’ section, where coaches can upload various learning materials, from blogs and videos to lesson plans. It can be used as an online training journal for athletes to access whenever and wherever they may be.

There’s two simple steps to create your team blog.

1. Select ‘Create Blog’

On your team page, select ‘Create Blog’.

2. Fill in your details

Simply fill in your personal account details, and hit ‘Create Blog’, and that’s it! Your team blog is created, and you can now start posting blogs to share with your team.

For a full tutorial on how to set up your team blog, and share playlists, check out our tutorial video.

Think of it as a hub of information and knowledge for the whole team. The great thing about the Sprongo Blog feature is that it’s a diverse platform that will allow coaches to use it the way they want, and allow athletes to learn on the go, anytime, and anywhere.

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