Video analysis in swimming is extremely beneficial for both swimming coach, and athlete. It’s a little more complicated than the average sport – as analysis needs to be taken place above the water, as well as underwater.

Analysing a swimmers performance by only observing from above the water can be deceptive. Technique and form viewed from the topside may look great, however, when viewed from below the surface, you’ll be able to have a more clear view that will allow a coach to pick up on subtle movements that need improvement. This is why analysis from both above and below the water is crucial when analysing a swimmers athletic performance.

Here’s 3 quick steps on how to use video analysis to improve swimming performance.

1. Get an underwater camera

To analyse movement below the water, you’re going to need an underwater camera to film your athlete. Underwater cameras have become increasing popular, and with camera quality improvement over the past few years, along with increased demand, the prices for these sorts of cameras have dropped – so buying one won’t break your budget!

There are a number of different brands that offer quality underwater cameras – such as GoPro, Sealife, & Nikon. Do some research to find one that fits with your needs, and budget.

2. Collect Swimming Footage

First things first, you’ll need to find the right place to set your camera, and position it in a way that captures your swimmer in full force. It’s important to figure out the right depth and angle needed for a proper view of your swimmer, so it may take a few trial runs to get the perfect position. You’ll want to get some footage from both the side and the front to get the most benefit out of analysis.

Filming from these angles will allow you to see how much their arm is bent under the water, how even their kicks are and a heap of other swimming techniques your athlete may need to improve on.

3. Analyse the footage using Sprongo

Once you’ve obtained footage of your swimmers performance, it’s time to start analysing it. Video analysis tools such as Sprongo provide coaches with an easy-to-use platform that helps to effectively analyse athlete technique and performance. From slow motion analysis, side-by-side comparison, and drawing and commenting, Sprongo has a variety of tools that enhance the video analysis process, and allow you to get the most out of your videos.

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