How to use Side-by-Side and Overlay Analysis Tools

Using side-by-side and overlay video analysis is a great tool to compare your performance against others. This helps in seeing where you can improve technique and performance. 

To use this feature, select the video you would like to analyse within your Sprongo dashboard. Click the ‘VS’ button and select the video you would like to compare it with. This will allow you to see both videos side by side to analyse. For further analysis, select the ‘Overlay’ icon and you will be able to view the videos on top of each other.

How to use Side-by-Side Analysis and Overlay in the Sprongo app

To use the side-by-side and overlay tool in the Sprongo app, select the ‘More’ icon that’s in the shape of a triangle. Then click on ‘VS Compare’. Click on the ‘+’ button to add the video you would like to compare it with. Click on the ‘Play both’ button to compare the videos side-by-side at once. Or you can click on ‘Overlay both’ to compare both videos on top of one another. You can adjust the speed of the videos by clicking on the ‘-’ and ‘+’ buttons.

How to use Voice-Overs

The voice over tool allows you to record audio over your videos to share comments with your team or athletes. To use this feature, select your video and go to the section of the video you would like to add audio to. Click on the ‘Edit’ icon. Then select the ‘Microphone’ icon. To start recording your audio, click on the red ‘Record’ button and click on the ‘Save’ icon. You can also delete, re-record and listen to your recordings.

How to use the Trimming & Highlights Tool

Using the trimming and highlights feature helps you keep the focus on the most important elements of performance. Firstly, select the video you would like to trim. Click on ‘trim’ in the functions section  Select the beginning and end point of your trimmed video. Then click on ‘Save Video’ on the top of the video. Create a name for your video, add to a playlist and/or tag users you would like to share the video with.

How to use the Drawing & Commenting Tool

Use the Drawing & Commenting Tool on your videos to give feedback to your team and review their performance. To use this feature, select the video you would like to add a drawing and/or comment to. Drag the slide to the point of the video you would like to add a drawing or comment. Click on the pencil icon in the functions section. Pick your preferred colour and shape and start drawing on your video. You can also add a comment to explain your drawing by writing something in the ‘Comment’ section.

How to Import and Upload Videos on the Sprongo app

Importing and uploading videos onto the Sprongo app is simple and easy. Simply click on the ‘+’ within your dashboard and select the video(s) you would like to import. You can import multiple videos at once.  

You can also upload videos onto your video feed or team groups. To do this, click on ‘Upload’ next to the video, and then select ‘Upload’ again on the pop-up. Then select which group or playlist you would like to upload the video to.

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