Pro videos of this seasons World Cup winning races!

World Cup Levi Racing has kicked off the alpine season this month, bringing together the world’s best slalom skiers.

We’re super excited to announce Sprongo now has the licensed rights to over 20 winning World Cup runs from this season! With the season just starting we currently have the very first two winning world cup runs on Sprongo – Felix Neureuther who won the Men’s slalom, and Petra Vhlova who won the Ladies slalom.

We’ll be covering the best runs from the season, from the top skiers of the game! As the world cup continues, we will be uploading the runs of all major events. Below is a list of the world cup runs that will be added:

11.11.2017Levi (FIN) Ladies Slalom – Run 2
12.11.2017Levi (FIN) Men’s Slalom – Run 2
25.11.2017Killington (USA) Ladies Giant Slalom -Run 2
26.11.2017Killington (USA) Ladies Slalom -Run 2
01.12.2017Beaver Creek  (USA) – Men’s Super G
02.12.2017Beaver Creek  (USA) – Men’s Downhill
03.12.2017Beaver Creek  (USA) – Men’s Giant Slalom – Run 2
09.12.2017Val d’sere (FRA) – Men’s Giant Slalom — RUN 2
10.12.2017Val d’Isere (FRA)- Men’s Slalom — RUN 2
16.12.2017Val d’sere (FRA) – Ladies Downhill
16.12.2017Val Gardena – Men’s Downhill
17.12.2017Alta Badia (ITA) – Men’s Giant Slalom — RUN 2
17.12.2017Val d’sere (FRA) – Ladies Super G
20.12.2017Courchevel (FRA)- Ladies Giant Slalom – Run 2
04.03.2018Kranjska Gora (SLO) Men’s Slalom – Run 2
10.03.2018Kvitfjell (NOR) Men’s Downhill
04.03.2018Kvitfjell (NOR) Men’s Super G
14.03.2018Are (SWE) – Men’s Downhill
17.03.2018Are (SWE) – Men’s Giant Slalom — RUN 2
18.03.2018Are (SWE) – Ladies Slalom — RUN 2
18.03.2018Are (SWE) – Men’s Giant Slalom — RUN 2

Access to the PRO videos are exclusive to Sprongo’s PRO Users. If you have a PRO account with us, simply log in and you will see a PRO Videos Playlist on your account home page. In addition, you will also see over 20 videos of last season’s best runs!

You can use our video analysis tools such as overlay and side-by-side comparison, slow motion and commenting and highlight features to point out key moments in each run and share with your team, as well as our analysis tools such as slow motion, overlay and side-by-side comparison to compare your form with the world’s best skiing champions!

If you don’t have a PRO account, sign up or upgrade now to keep up to date with the best World Cup Levi Races of 2017!

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