Ski Academies

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Austria Racing Camps

Austria Racing Camps (ARC) has come along way since its opening in 1975 by founder Hugo Nindl -a Slalom World Cup winner, two time Professional World Champion, six time Austrian Junior Champion and nine times Austrian Champion! With such a talented founder, the young athletes of ARC were in great hands. They’ve made the foundation a family affair, with Nindl’s son, Oliver Nindl becoming Director and Head Coach of ARC since 1986. ARC offer high-quality ski training from top athletes all over the world, with many of their athletes ranging from children, to teenagers to master racers from all global backgrounds. Initially starting off with just summer camps, ARC soon offered winter and autumn camps to keep up with their high demand and success. And now, ARC coaches are at their athlete’s disposal everyday throughout the entire year! The coaches at ARC are always wanting to give their athletes…

The Ontario National Ski Academy (NSA)

NSA The National Ski Academy (NSA) in Ontario in Canada use Sprongo to develop and improve their students. NSA was established in 1986 and is a non-profit registered charity. They aim to provide an environment where student athletes can maximize their potential through alpine ski racing excellence, personal growth and academic achievement. In 2010 they became a Ministry of Education inspected private school. They can grant high school credits in grades 9 to 12. Holistic Approach They deliver their vision through a holistic approach. This builds on the individual students addressing three core development areas. These are academics, fitness and ski racing. NSA has a winter home in Collingwood and a summer home is Saas Fee Switzerland. Each home provides the full facilities, professional coaches, teachers and trainers the students need to succeed. They are the only high school credit granting academy in the whole of Canada that provide this holistic program.…