We have been working on different ways to generate revenue for a while.  A few weeks ago we took a major step in that direction with the Premium Team Plan and now and in the next few days we will be introducing our paid team plans.

The Premium Team Plan

We wrote to all team admins a few weeks ago about the new Premium Team Plan and urged them to make use of it.

The Premium Team Plan is a commission based plan that allows your team to institute a monthly subscription fee.  This fee can be as low as $5/month, but can also be higher if your team chooses to institute a higher fee. We collect the payments, take a commission and send the rest of the money (up to 75%) to your team.

We believe this is a different and nicer way to do business.  If you see value in the service your team offers through us, pay a little.  Most of the money will go to your team, which they could use to provide you a better service.  Most of the money will go to your team which they could use to provide you a better service.  The cut we take will allow us to make improvements, like building mobile and tablet apps. You will be the big winner in this equation.

Other Paid Team Plans

Our new Team Pricing Model is an extension of this.  Going forward we will ask teams to either use the Premium Team Plan (which will continue operating on a commision basis without any direct cost to teams); or purchase a paid team plan based on their team size.

In essence, we will be asking teams to either ask their members to purchase subscriptions to their teampages’ and give us a small cut; or pay us directly for the right to have a team page on Sprongo.  You can see the details of the different plans and find more information about the Premium Team Plan and the other paid plans here: https://sprongo.com/plans.

14 day grace period to ease the transition

We would really like to encourage all teams teams to make use of the Premium Team Plan.  We expect your team may want to have an internal discussion about it.  To make sure you can make this transition without any interruptions in service we will be giving all teams a 14 day grace period.

Why are we doing this?  

We have been exploring ways to offer our services completely free of charge, while still generating enough revenues to finance our operations for some while now.  We’ve looked into advertising, paid playlists and more, but it has become obvious that we will not be able to sustain the company in the long run with such approaches.

We had to make a choice and we chose to institute a pricing model.

While doing so we wanted to stay true to our core mission of making video analysis affordable and available to all.  We believe our pricing model achieves that.  With the Premium Team Plan we are asking that teams treat us as a partner, generate revenues for themselves and share some of those revenues with us. With our paid plans we are asking them to pay their fair share.

Another benefit of this model is that it will allow us to better serve you.  For instance we should be able to spend money on mobile and tablet apps which we’ve been unable to afford so far.

What is next for you?

Now you have to make a choice.  Do you and your team see value in Sprongo?

If yes, we have provided different ways for you to continue using the site. Of these methods we really urge your team to consider the Premium Team Plan.

With the Premium Team Plan your team can ask just $5/month from you and they’ll get upto 75% of the fees collected.  Our cut will allow us to finance our operations and make improvements to Sprongo.  You will be supporting your team and us for a reasonable, affordable price.

Your team’s decision should also be easy if you and your team does not see any value in Sprongo, but you have read this far…  Should we take that as a sign that you see value in Sprongo?  If that case we are looking forward to serving you and your team for years to come.