Sprongo is pleased to release its new app for iPhone. Download it now from the App Store and sign in with your account or set up a new account on the app. Then use it to upload, analyze and share your videos in real time.

• Shoot and tag videos from within the Sprongo app with your iPhone and store them on the app and in the cloud.

• Load existing videos from your iPhone to your Sprongo app.

• Download or stream existing videos from the cloud. You can access your personal cloud videos and videos stored by your profile and teams.

Download the app now and get another easy to use and effective video tool to improve your own and team performances.

Sprongo is the leader in sports video analysis for snow sports and our focus is on ease of use for everyone – from professionals such as the Swedish ski team and the Canadian cross country ski association to ski academies and schools for kids. But we also have many teams in other individual performance sports such as track and field, swimming, gymnastics and rowing.

We are a cloud platform that includes:

• The upload and management of videos for yourself and your teams.

• Analytical tools such as slow-mo, frame control, comment & drawing tools.

• Side by side and & overlay video comparisons.

Team pages allow you to easily share athletes and coaches to share videos. Privacy management allows team members to control who has access to videos and to turn social media sharing on or off. Our team notification system ensures all team members are automatically notified of new videos, comments and more.

We offer several very cost effective options for teams, depending on your size of team and circumstance. These range from completely free for a family or small team to scaled monthly fee for larger teams and organisations.

Our main plans include:pricing_table2

Teams can also use our service to generate revenue by charging team members for the use of Sprongo, with the group keeping 75% of the fees and 25% being paid to us.  If you elect to use this approach, there is a minimum fee of $5 per user.  It can work particularly well where the group only comes together for a short time (such as students in a ski school) or for non-profits such as clubs that are reliant on member fees and donations.

All our plans include the upload of unlimited videos, access to all our video analysis tools and full privacy control.

Download the app now from the App store.