Last week, we invited all of you to follow our Instagram page, @Sprongo and add #Sprongo to your photos for us to share, so we thought that this week we should introduce some of the badass athletes who have been sharing their photos with us!

Matej Falat

As a Slovenian skier representing his country in slalom and combined categories, Olympian Matej Falat has gained both Silver and Bronze in the 2015 Winter Universiade. Held in Granada last year, Falat won Silver in Slalom and Bronze in the Combined category after entering the 2014 Olympics at the age of twenty-one. He also tends to take pretty beautiful photos of the mountains he’s training at.

Sofia Goggia

Sofia Goggia’s home resort is in Bergamo, Italy. Since then, she has competed all over the world in slalom racing, missing out on Bronze in the 2013 World Championships in Schladming by five hundredths of a second. Not that fourth place is a bad result for your first World Championship! She also has a mean Instagram account (featuring about equal measures of snow and chocolate), and has shared loads of photos with @Sprongo!

Dimitri Isler

A Swiss aerialist, Dimitri Isler has spent a good chunk of his life doing flips and twists far above the snow below. Here at Sprongo, we have a sneaking suspicion that he is more comfortable upside-down that rightside-up (judging solely by the Instagram photos he shares with us). In 2015 he came in first place in the Aerial category at the Europa Cup in Airolo. And, like the other athletes who have shared their pictures with us, he takes a good photo.

Jill Perkins

One of the many snowboarders that have shared photos with us, Jill Perkins is one of the badass ladies of Brighton Femme. Watching the Brighton Femme videos, it becomes clear just how comfortable Jill Perkins is in the deep powder that Utah is famous for – almost as comfortable as she is in the freeride park that is is becoming famous for.

These are just a few of the wonderful athletes that have been sharing their photos with us, so if you want to be kept updated on where they are and how pretty the mountains around them are, give our Instagram account, @Sprongo, a follow and you’ll see a couple of photos from us every day! Plus, if you want the chance to be featured along with these world-class athletes, just add the hashtag #sprongo to your snowy photos and it might be your photo popping up on our page next!