If you’ve been following @Sprongo on Instagram, you will have seen a beautiful photograph we posted from one of our newest IG partners today. Against a white sky and above a white snowpark, skier Max Selbekk grabs one of his crossed skis. The photo was originally posted by Skata Sweden, a film production company based in Åre, Sweden.

The company was set up in 2010 by two guys – Erik Wennberg and Oscar Carlsson – as a combination of their passions; film and skiing. Since then, the production company (whose name Skata means Magpie in English) has expanded in both directions. They now produce both video and still images. Although ski video is their expertise, they also make other outdoor videos. One great example of non-skiing outdoor videos is Archipelago Adventures, with everything from free climbing to kite surfing to deep-water soloing in a single four-minute video. You should really check it out.

However, here at Sprongo, we do love our snow sports, and their video on extreme skiing in Åre is pretty hard to beat. And it’s not just the feats and shenanigans that they get up to that makes their videos so interesting, it is the pure joy and emotion they feel about everything they do. Because what is the point in having the best technique in the world if you don’t love what you do?

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