Adventure photographer, filmmaker, and environmentalist, Charlotte Workman has been providing us with some stunning photos from her time with Peak Leader Snow in Saas Fee and around the world! So, we decided to find out a little bit more about the woman behind the camera.

Charlotte Workman grew up in the Trossachs, a national park in Scotland. There she learnt to appreciate the beauty of nature, something she later turner a photographer’s eye on in the realm of ski mountains all over. She honed this eye during her years in Edinburgh, where she studied Journalism and graduated with First Class Honours. During this time, she also travelled to Antarctica to film her first documentary. You can watch Finding Friluftsliv // a documentary here.

Nowadays, she is still jetting around the world taking photos and making videos. She is able to do this by working both as the official photographer for Soldeu Sector in Grandvalira ski resort, Andorra and as adventure photographer for Nae Limits, Scotland. She is never too far from snow, though, as her Instagram reveals. And even during the off season, we can tell that snowsports are still on her mind.

In addition to capturing one-off moments on the ski field, Charlotte is also an environmentalist, helping to spread awareness through her documentaries and social media. She recently posting a stunning image of cracks forming in melting glaciers and, separately, wrote:

Climate change was always one of those quixotic things you had to think about occasionally…

Now it seems we’re finally coming to its climax.

Our developments in science and tech have provided the evidence and the forecast of the crisis. Now scientists are mobilising, governments are shifting agendas and people are realising that this once far-off concept is very real, and we’re on the slippery slope.

We’ve left the Holocene (age of Eden) and are rapidly entering the Anthropocene… An actual change of geological ages… Holy crap! It is a fascinating/scary time to be alive!

Unfortunately the media isn’t great in communicating this to everyone. Personally, I’m going to be getting much more involved in the huge shift we have to take. Writing to MPs, the media, working with NPOs, altering my own lifestyle. If youre interested in finding out more about it i can give you recomendations of the things I’ve watched/read, but there is a lot of info out there. We’re all in this together, the important thing is we act with

You can follow her on Instagram here, and follow us @Sprongo to see hers and other incredible snowsport photographers and athletes here!