I think we can all agree that videos are at the heart of video analysis (If it isn’t obvious already!). So making sure that your videos are taken efficiently, appropriately, and avidly are essential in getting the most out of video analysis.

Carle Valle of SimpliFaster helps us explain a few things we should check off our list in order to capture videos that help us do this:

Invest in a good camera

Now, this is not to say that you can’t use a smartphone, however, for efficiency purposes, investing in a good camera can go a long way. Although having a good quality camera allows you to capture better quality videos, this isn’t the main reason why you should invest in one.

It actually allows you to be both the coach and videographer at the same time – without having to be in two places at once. Most good quality cameras now come with a remote or Wi-Fi/Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to hit record from a distance.

This accounts for two different views, and allows the coach ability to move around and be face-to-face with athletes to give them full support.

For information on what kind of camera may work well for you and your team, check out “The Best Video Cameras for Filming Sports in HD” .

Camera Specifications look out for

There are four timeless features you should look out for when purchasing a good quality camera which are: resolution, shutter speed, zoom and as mentioned previously, a remote! Most cameras record in 4k, and at over 200 frames per second which is more than enough power for clear videos that allow ability to analyse small movements and techniques.

Camera batteries usually last about an hour so its always a good idea to get two extra batteries as practices and meets typically won’t have electrical outlets nearby.

Tripods = Stability + Versatility

Investing in a sturdy and quality tripod is surprisingly very beneficial. You may think buying any old tripod can easily do the trick, however this is not the case. Good quality tripods are slightly heavier in weight, which is extremely useful when winds are high.

When looking for good tripods, choose one that has a fluid head – to get those smooth pans and trackings. Additionally, choosing a tripod that has zoom functions on the control handle makes it much easier filming videos head-on.

Also consider flexible leg tripods such as the GorillaPod range as it allows for versatility when shooting in difficult environments. They are easily adjustable, flexible and portable to take with you on the go.

Upload your videos to Sprongo!

Once you’ve captured your videos, upload them to your Sprongo team pages to experience the full benefits. Having good quality videos by checking off the points in this list makes analysing them that much easier!