One of the crucial parts of video analysis is how you share the videos you’ve captured with your coaches and athletes.

Sprongo allows you to build Team pages that allow you to easily share your videos with other team members, however, it is important to note that the team pages aren’t just a place to ‘dump’ your videos in one place for everyone in the team to see- its much more than that.

Its all about making sure communication between coaches and athletes is ensured. You can do this by uploading videos with comments and annotations on what changes need to be made, rather than highlighting errors and mistakes.

This avoids negative team morale and provides constructive criticism for athletes. Coaches may find endless faults in a certain video, however, by just pointing out these faults, athletes can be confused as to why they likely occurred in the first place, making it hard for them to fix the issue. Which is why Team Pages aren’t just about sharing the videos, but about presenting information and suggestions properly, and constructively.

Video analysis can only be done with efficient and accurate communication between coaches and athletes. Simply uploading videos without tags, or annotations defeats the purpose entirely. The goal is to allow the people viewing the videos to have a clear idea of what is represented in the video and how and why such has occurred. And the ultimate goal is for the coach to give the athletes insights that only experts can share – rather than just a summary of the video.

One of the many misconceptions of video analysis is that it is mainly used to find faults and error in athlete performance. Sometimes, video can be a process of constantly viewing and repeating faults – albeit in slow motion, over and over again.

Just like how a coach helps strengthen an athletes confidence, self-belief, and ability, video analysis requires the same approach.

We tend to get lost in the fact that video records our history of success and failure, and focusing on what an athlete does wrong can leave them frustrated, unmotivated, and even lose their sense of confidence. When athletes make breakthroughs, its important to spend time celebrating and praising those small wins as this helps boost their confidence, and enhances team morale.