As you all know, the team here at Sprongo love to constantly update and add new features and tools to provide you with the best possible video analysis software to help train and educate your athletes! For coaches, Sprongo is a great tool for quickly and efficiently providing consistent and comparative feedback to your athletes, and for athletes, we provide the tools that aid overall and comparative performance assessment and improvement.

Practice makes perfect, so we know that it’s important to collect that recorded practice is one easy to manage place: playlists. We’ve been helping athletes for years improve their technique and skills through video playback support and have just released an exciting new feature, that makes sharing your videos a whole lot easier and more enjoyable! Playlist sharing is the new, easy way to share entire playlists of videos and useful data both through the web and on our apps for iPhone and Android. Now you can share your videos with team members and coaches, without the tedious task of sharing separate URLs.

Sprongo’s software allows you to point out specific moments, movements or techniques in a video and use them to compare and improve your athletic performance, and with this new playlist sharing feature you can collect hundreds of hours of practice in one place and share as many of them, and for as long you like!

Want to know more? Check out this article on getting set up on Sprongo.

Download the new app today from Google Play or the App Store to be fully equipped to analyse technique and improve performance on the go!