Wanting to improve your athletic performance, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Not to worry, the Sprongo platform is all about helping you boost your game!

Through video analysis tools such as slow-motion, side-by-side and overlay comparisons, Sprongo works as a partner with you and your team to advance performance and achieve success.

We’ll be taking you through each step to guide you on how to use the platform to your best advantage.

First things first – sign up to Sprongo!

Head to Sprongo and enter in all your details, or sign up with Facebook for a quicker process.

2. Personalize your Sprongo page

Now that you’re signed up and ready to go, personalise your profile by adding photos and a backdrop – it could be your team photo or an inspirational athlete to help keep you motivated.

3. Review your email notifications settings

Under the ‘Email Notification’ tab, you can edit your email notifications settings to ensure you’re aware of any updates on your Sprongo page.

Stay tuned for next week’s guide on how to build a video library and playlist on Sprongo!

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