Gymnastics dates back to ancient Greece, where athletes strengthened and improved their physical fitness by performing a series of graceful exercises that blended both strength of will and self-discipline with skill and precision. These exercises would help improve the balance, strength, flexibility and endurance of the athletes, which were highly valued traits by Greek society at the time.

Today, Gymnastics is performed by both men and women around the world, and has become part of the Olympic agenda since the early 1900s. Gymnasts around the world compete both individually and in teams, performing impressive routines with skill and grace to showcase their mastery of the sport. With more than 30,000 athletes competing in sanctioned events every year, and millions of followers around the world, there’s no denying the popularity of the sport.

Video Analytics for Gymnastic Coaches

For gymnasts, a training regimen to perfect technique usually incorporates a combination of regular training sessions, anaerobic activity and intensive exercises focusing on flexibility and endurance. Coaches work with gymnasts to help them control body movement and ultimately deliver their best performance. One of the many tools at a gymnastic coaches disposal is video analysis, however up until now, this has been a fairly manual and time consuming process, requiring the user to input frame-by-frame measurements.

This is why Sprongo has invested in developing their revolutionary new intelligent video analytics tool SIVA. Using the latest in machine learning and powered by a sophisticated artificial intelligence neural engine, SIVA automatically processes your video, identifying the subject and automatically creating a skeleton that provides angular measurements of the athletes legs, hips, shoulders and arms.

How does SIVA work?

All you need to do is login to your Sprongo pro account and upload the video you want to analyze. Select the segment of footage you want to process and let SIVA do the rest. SIVA will process the video, automatically creating a series of data points that allows coaches and athletes to dive deep into the gymnast’s performance. This data can be used to quickly identify areas of weakness and discover opportunities that can be focused on for improvement.

Try SIVA out for yourself. Sign up for a pro account at and start analyzing your videos today!!