If you missed it, a few weeks ago we announced the launch of SIVA, Sprongo’s brand new Intelligent Video Analytics Software. Just weeks after launching, SIVA has already been embraced by numerous professional athletes and teams around the world. Harnessing the power of SIVA’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, athletes and coaches have already analyzed thousands of videos.

Today we’re pleased to announce the latest addition to SIVA, a new interval processing feature. Just login with your Sprongo pro account and upload the video you want to analyze. Using the slider on the video’s timeline, you are able to select a up to 3 seconds to be analyzed. After selecting the subject, your video will be processed, automatically mapping and measuring the movement of athlete’s legs, hips, shoulders and arms over that period.

This data is mapped out in a graph displayed underneath the video player. It provides a detailed analysis of movement and angle measurement over all 4 quadrants of the body. Regardless if you’re looking to review your own performance or learn from some of the best, SIVA gives you the tools and technology to fast track your personal development.

For coaches, SIVA gives you the toolset to benchmark and guide your team’s development and create effective training programs. Upload a video of your teams training session, match or race, and dive deep into the mechanics of what’s really going on. SIVA helps you understand the challenges and reveals opportunities for improvement, allowing you to lead your team to victory.

Some of SIVA’s capabilities include;

  • Side by side comparison
  • Drawing and comments
  • Trimming & editing
  • Single frame skeletons
  • Interval Measurement
  • Automatic graphing
  • Sharing & collaboration

Try SIVA out for yourself. Sign up for a pro account at sprongo.com and start analyzing your videos today!!