The Sprongo Video Analysis App allows coaches and teams to analyze video from anywhere, at anytime. It not only makes the video analysis process easier but also much more convenient. 

The Sprongo app includes all video analysis features, including the ability to upload and record videos to the platform, share videos with your teams, and tools such as side-by-side analysis, slow motion, overlay comparison, and more.

Here’s our guide to getting started on the Sprongo video analysis app.

Create your account 

If you’re new to Sprongo, it’s easy to create a new account or find and join your team within the app. You can either create a new team to share your videos within, or use your Sprongo account individually. Simply select the option that suits you best.

Create a team on the Sprongo video analysis app

Click ‘create team’. Type in the name of your team, and set the privacy settings. You can either make it ‘open to everyone’ or ‘approval required.’

Invite team members 

You can invite team members by sending them an email through the app, or you can share the team page link for them to join.

Learn more about Sprongo’s video analysis features here.