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How to analyze videos on Sprongo

Sprongo is an easy-to-use, integrated cloud platform for teams and athletes to share and analyze videos to help improve performance and technique. For a run-down on how to upload and analyze videos, follow the steps below. How to upload video First things first, you will need to upload videos onto your Sprongo dashboard to be able to analyze them. Go to your Sprongo dashboard and select ‘Videos’. Click ‘Editing and Uploading Video’. Select a playlist to add the video to or create a new playlist. Select the video you would like to upload. Set your download permission and privacy options. Tag users you would like to share the video with. Add keyword tags to make it easier to search for later. How to analyze videos Once your video is uploaded, it’s time to analyze it. Select the video you would like to analyze. Add comments to selected points of your…

Getting started with the Sprongo Video Analysis App

The Sprongo Video Analysis App allows coaches and teams to analyze video from anywhere, at anytime. It not only makes the video analysis process easier but also much more convenient.  The Sprongo app includes all video analysis features, including the ability to upload and record videos to the platform, share videos with your teams, and tools such as side-by-side analysis, slow motion, overlay comparison, and more. Here’s our guide to getting started on the Sprongo video analysis app. Create your account  If you’re new to Sprongo, it’s easy to create a new account or find and join your team within the app. You can either create a new team to share your videos within, or use your Sprongo account individually. Simply select the option that suits you best. Create a team on the Sprongo video analysis app Click ‘create team’. Type in the name of your team, and set…

Instant Technique Analysis: Welcome to the Future of Sports Analytics

At Sprongo, we have been consistently trying to provide instant video analysis. Our efforts have always been towards bringing analysis to the cloud. We know how much video tracking and the analysis it allows is a gamechanger for many athletes, coaches, and sportspeople. But we also know how time-consuming it can be to have to annotate each body position, compare side by side, and then try to make the analysis to find improvement. We knew that our users needed more. Welcome to the future of sports analytics.

The 3 essential tools for Video Analysis

If you haven’t started video analysis for your team yet, it’s time to start now. Video analysis is a crucial part of training, giving athletes and coaches a platform to help improve their performance and development. To get the ball rolling, here’s a few essential tools you’ll need to start video analysis for your athletes.  1. A functional camera One of the main things you need to start capturing videos – a camera. This is the first step of video analysis. Whether you’d like to start off using your smartphone, or are wanting to invest in a high-quality camera, having a device that can record videos is essential. However, using a smartphone can often limit your ability to coach. The benefit of having an actual camera that can be fitted onto a tripod means that you can be both coach and videographer at the same time. 2. A stable tripod…

The many benefits of Video Analysis

Video analysis is all about improving athletic performance through careful analysis and evaluation of an athletes performance. Using video to analyse movements of an athlete can help coaches pick up on where an athletes can improve in terms of technique and approach.

How to: Drawing & Commenting on Sprongo

Including drawings and comments in your videos makes video analysis that much easier, not just for you but for your whole team too! With Sprongo, you can add in specific drawings to highlight a movement or technique, and then add a related comment that will help your team better understand the point you’re trying to make. Don’t worry, we’ve made it as easy as possible to use! Check out how to draw & comment on Sprongo with these four simple steps: 1. Click on the edit button at the bottom right corner of your video 2) Select the colour and shape you’d like your drawing to be Colours you can choose from: Red, Yellow, Green, Black, White Shapes you can choose from: Arrow, Angle, Square, Circle, Line 3) Add your drawing to the video As an example, we’ve added a red line here: 4) Add your comment To help your athletes,…

Sprongo Video Features – Overlay, Side-by-Side, Merging, Trimming & More!

Sprongo has many video features on its platform to help you analyse and compare your videos. There are quite a few of them so lets break them down for one by one and explain how and why you should use each feature. Side by Side This Tool allows you to view two videos at the same time, effectively helping you determine differences and similarities of techniques and movements between the two videos. To use the tool, simply click on the ‘VS’ icon that appears at the bottom right of one of the  videos you want to compare. Clicking on ‘VS’ prompts you to select a second video you want to compare and will bring you to a page the views both videos side by side. This is where you can play both videos at the same time, increase or decrease the speed and overlay your videos. Overlay The Overlay Tool…