Looking to improve your tennis game? Video analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) can help you do just that. It’s widely used for many sports, helping coaches and athletes analyze performance, identify where they can improve and also prevent future injuries. 

It has started to become a crucial tool used by tennis professionals to review technique and understand a player’s movements. It’s also used to dissect opponents’ tactic patterns to equip themselves with fitting strategies. 

One of the first tennis coaches to embrace video analysis in tennis was Australian coach Darren Cahill when he was coaching Andre Agassi and Lleyton Hewitt in the early 2000s. His inspiration came from his father, who was a coach for the Australian Football League and used video analysis as a coaching tool. 

Cahill found it extremely helpful when coaching Andre Agassi. “I used it a lot. For me to be able to deliver a message to him [Agassi] or find out where a guy is serving on a big point or to get a feel for what side he might cover at the net, if he’s giving up too much space on the forehand side when he’s going backhand to backhand, we could designate the video to find those areas.”

Former Swedish tennis star Magnus Norman who moved into coaching also noticed a big change when video analysis came into play. “We use it more when we work on technique, looking at our own player’s strokes and stuff like that, because it’s much easier to examine all that when it’s slow motion. But I know a lot more coaches, myself included, who are using it to see patterns and how opponents play when they are tight and how they play when they are leading.”

Up until now, video analysis has been a lengthy process, with coaches needing to manually draw lines and angles on top of video, frame-by-frame. Video analysis platforms like Sprongo however, use Artificial Intelligence to make the process a whole lot easier. It automatically identifies your subject and creates a skeleton of the body’s movements within a video. 

This not only takes all the manual work out of the process, but it also gives you useful insights in an instant. Sprongo’s machine learning capabilities learns from you over time, becoming quicker and providing more insights the more videos you analyze. 

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