Canadian rowing

Canadian rowing uses our video analysis tools to compete successfully at an International level. Rowing is one of Canada’s top summer olympic sports. It is popular as it does not discriminate on age or ability.  Teams are selected to represent the country at each international rowing competition, including the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Rowing Canada Avrion (RCA) is the overall governing body for rowing in the country. RCA was founded by the rowing clubs that existed in 1880 and was originally named “The Canadian Association of Amateur Oarsmen.” In 1974 the name was changed to “The Canadian Amateur Rowing Association”. RCA has grown to a total of 15,000 members of different levels, ages and ability. Members row for recreation, fitness, health and competition.

RCA has a mission to build, drive and inspire growth and excellence within Canada’s rowing community. It focuses on governing the sport, encouraging competition and enhancing individual’s competencies.


The first reported race took place in 1811 at Halifax harbour. Oarsmen from the Maritime provinces were the first to gain a reputation for success. Athletes George Brown and Jack Lovett were the first to win against well known American scullers. In 1904, Lou Scales won the equivalent of the World title for amateur scullers at the Henley Royal Regatta. On returning to Canada, he was greeted at the dock by 100,000 fans. 1904 was also a year of first olympic success with silver medals being won by the men’s eight. In 1992, Marnie McBean and Kathleen Heddle won three gold medals and a bronze at the Olympic Games. These two women continued to win medals on the world scene in the nineties and went on to became Canada’s most successful Olympic athletes.

Rowing Video Analysis

For a team that is always in pursuit of success, rowing video analysis is a great way to help enhance performance. With upcoming events such as the World Rowing Cups, the Royal Henley Regatta and the Under 23 Championships we are excited to watch the progress.

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