The annual US Open has just wrapped up, and it was an exciting one. We’re talking reigning champions winning, surprise dropouts, and an unexpected win in the women’s singles. Are you ready to recap? Let’s get into it.

Who is the reigning champion?

Although no-one won the Grand Slam this year, in the men’s singles, Rafael Nadal won both the US Open and the French Open, while his long-time opposition, Novak Djokovic took the Aussie Open and Wimbledon.

In the women’s singles, the wins weren’t from any of our established champions. In fact, 6-time US Open winner, Serena Williams, came second to Canadian, Bianca Andreescu, surprising everyone. But we’ll look at that again shortly.

And the surprise dropout?

.We reckon no-one was as surprised by dropping out as Roger Federer himself as he lost the quarterfinal crushingly to Bulgarian, Grigor Dimitrov, depriving American attendees the chance to see Federer and Nadal faceoff.

OK, and the unexpected women’s win?

We’ve become used to Serena Williams crushing everyone in her path, but this year’s US Open has shown us some incredible tennis.

As Serena Williams and Bianca Andreecu faced off on the court, the 19-year-old newcomer beat Williams 6-3, 7-5. And from the sounds of things, the only one she didn’t shock was herself. This win has also made her the first Canadian to win a major.

Were there any other great moments on the court?

That wasn’t dramatic enough for you? Well, another newcomer to this years’ Grand Slam, 15-year-old Coco Gauff, packed the Louis Armstrong stadium for her doubles game with 17-year-old Caty McNally. “Coco-mania” seems to only be rising as fans almost got out of hand in their desire to see the youngster perform.

All in all, this year’s US Open — and indeed the entire 2019 Grand Slam — was full of excitement, drama, and, above all, incredible tennis. We’re already looking forward to next year’s majors, aren’t you?