At Sprongo, we have been consistently trying to provide instant video analysis. Our efforts have always been towards bringing analysis to the cloud. We know how much video tracking and the analysis it allows is a gamechanger for many athletes, coaches, and sportspeople. But we also know how time-consuming it can be to have to annotate each body position, compare side by side, and then try to make the analysis to find improvement. We knew that our users needed more. Welcome to the future of sports analytics.

Introducing SIVA: Sprongo Intelligent Video Analytics

Our new AI video analysis feature could change the face of sports analysis forever. Athletes and trainers are constantly looking to gain an edge. Such analytics involve annotations, such as posture lines, being drawn over images. Conventional video analytics techniques require these annotations to be hand-drawn, such as by dragging a mouse or other cursor over an area that should be annotated. Along with requiring human input, conventional analytics systems also fail to provide annotations that may move along with a video. Thus, annotations and analytics must be performed and viewed one frame at a time for video files. SIVA, short for Sprongo Intelligent Video Analytics, is our solution to the problem of time-consuming, frame-by-frame, manual analytics.

Machine Learning

By using a posture analysis system, SIVA uses machine learning to identify the different joints on the body. From here we calculate each angle in a given video frame. Trainers will be able to analyze the data and therefore see were technique improvements can be made. In the future, the AI video analysis system will also offer points to consider. Trainers can also share videos and annotations with athletes, and other coaches, and compare videos for improving posture and technique.

Interval Processing

SIVA’s interval analysis returns a list of points, one for each frame. Within a standard 10-second video SIVA is measuring thousands of different angles. The system creates the skeleton and angle information for selected lines which is displayed as a graph within a dashboard. When the user replays the video the skeleton will move on top of the video frame to show the changes in movement.

We’re so excited about bringing the latest AI technology to help improve technique. Sports are incredibly fast-moving, making the analysis of micro-postures close to impossible. Let alone the tedious amount of work required to analyze each frame, SIVA provides that possibility. Our AI video analysis is effective and fast, allowing athletes and coaches who use it a significant edge on the competition.

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