With the Skiing season now upon us, we’re so excited to show you SIVA, the latest in intelligent video analysis.

We all know how important video analysis is as a way to review performance and perfect technique, however up until now conventional video analysis has been a fairly manual exercise, with the need to hand draw your annotations frame by frame.

As the leader in Skiing Video Analysis, we recognized the need to simplify this process and so we’ve invested heavily in creating a remarkable breakthrough we’re calling SIVA. Packed with the latest in machine learning and video rendering technology, our intelligent video analysis software understands the fundamentals of skiing technique so when you upload and process your videos, it will provide incredibly accurate data straight off the bat. Even better, SIVA artificial intelligence neural engine actually learns and improves its analysis with every video you upload, providing faster and more accurate results each time.

So how does SIVA Work?

It’s so simple to analyze your skiing videos with SIVA. Simply log into your Sprongo account and upload your video. You’ll notice a new button labeled “AI Video Analysis”. Clicking this button allows you to select a portion of the video to be analyzed and in a few short moments you will be notified that SIVA has successfully analyzed your video.

SIVA automatically identifies your subject and creates a skeleton which provides a series of data points based on movement and posture. Add to that interval processing, sided by side comparison and the ability to graph your data, SIVA is the complete video analysis solution for you to adapt your technique and perfect your performance.

Sprongo is the perfect platform for teams, allowing you to easily share your analyzed videos with other team members, coaches and trainers, providing a forum for discussion and collaboration.

We think you’ll love our new intelligent video analysis software and we can’t wait for you to try it for yourself. Simple head to www.sprongo.com to start your free trial today.