When competing at a top level, strength and conditioning can often be the difference between victory or defeat. In fact, stats show that athletes who adopt an exercise prescription of strength training and aerobic conditioning have a higher degree of injury prevention and generally thrive within their chosen performance sports.

In most competitive sports, strength and conditioning coaches work with both teams and individual athletes to develop exercise programs that help them to achieve optimal performance. They are always looking at how individuals respond to certain movements and exercises, and then determine a plan for training to match the metabolic and physical demands for certain sports.

Up until recently, developing a strength and conditioning program has meant spending a lot of time with teams and individuals to ascertain their level of fitness and really understand areas of weakness. While there are a number of video analysis tools available to help, using these tools involves manually drawing lines and angles frame-by-frame in an attempt to get useful information. An arduous process which takes valuable time. There is a solution however, Sprongo’s revolutionary intelligent video analytics software, (aka SIVA), takes all the hard work out of the process.

SIVA uses artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically analyze a strength and conditioning training session. In moments, SIVA provides you with a full set of data points on movement, technique and agility, which can be used by coaches to effortlessly evaluate and build an optimal exercise program. All you need is a video camera or cell phone to record a training session and upload it to Sprongo, SIVA will do the rest!

One of the best parts about Sprongo is that your processed videos and data can be simply shared with other members of your team or individuals for quick review and collaboration. For coaches, SIVA provides the data you need to perfect your exercise programs and skyrocket your team or athlete’s performance to the next level!

Don’t take our word for it, try SIVA out for yourself. Start your free trial by heading to www.sprongo.com and sign up today.