With over 1 billion fans worldwide, tennis is one sport where being the best in the business grants you an unprecedented celebrity status around the world. It’s also one of the most competitive sports in the world and one where skill and athletic prowess go hand in hand.

Fine tuning your tennis game is all about understanding your posture, body position, balance and footwork. Tennis professionals will tell you how important it is to quickly identify any technical flaws with your shots and fix them quickly, otherwise this can reinforce bad habits which become part of muscle memory and become increasingly challenging to correct.

This is where video analysis tools can really help to identify weaknesses and help create a plan for perfecting your game. Unfortunately, up until now video analysis has been a manual process, having to hand draw lines and guides frame by frame. Now with Sprongo’s Intelligent Analytics Software (aka SIVA), this process is done automatically. SIVA combines the latest AI neural engine with complex machine learning algorithms to process and analyze your videos. Within a few short moments, SIVA will create a skeleton of the subject, automatically mapping out angles and movements of your tennis shots and providing a series of data points you can use for comparison and review.

Players just have to film their matches or even practice sessions using either a dedicated camera or smart phone and then upload them to Sprongo. SIVA’s artificial intelligence engine will automatically process the video segments, highlighting important information which allows the player to effortlessly analyze their performance and identify areas of improvement.

This is an invaluable tool for tennis coaches to use in training, and for teams looking to gain an edge over their competitors. Once SIVA has analyzed the video segments, these can be easily shared with other team members for discussion and collaboration.

SIVA allows you to really dig deep into your tennis games, allowing you to quickly identify and understand any technical flaws and create a baseline for you to improve from. It allows you to also look at the professionals, and using side by side comparison, and shift your tennis skills and ability to the next level.

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