While golf is considered a modern game, it has a rich heritage with players working on perfecting the art of the golf swing back as far as the 15th century, and in some cases further depending on who you’re talking to.

Today, we are enamoured with legendary golfing icons such as Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Bobby Jones. These golfing greats are looked up to by a world of amateur golfers, trying to emulate their heroes. Coaches and players from around the world are continually analysing these pros, looking at swings, posture and gear, seeking to improve their own game by incorporate proven techniques and methods.

Up until now, video analysis tools have required frame by frame analysis with the user having to manually draw skeletons and lines on each frame to determine angles, speed and posture. This as been an arduous process when trying to really understand the data behind each golf swing. Today however, we’d like to introduce Sprongo Intelligent Video Analytics software SIVA, which harnesses the power of an AI neural engine, combined with the latest in machine learning algorithms to automatically analyse your golfing performance.

Using SIVA to improve your golf game

This comprehensive software package, allows both golfing professionals and amateurs to review and analysis not only their own performance, but also review some of the golfing greats.

All you need to do is upload a video of a golf game you want to analyse to the Sprongo platform. SIVA will automatically create a skeleton of the golfer and provide an array of datapoints that can be used to fully understand the body position and angles of each swing.

Side by side comparison also allows you to start to create a model which can be used to understand how to bring your own golfing game to the next level.

SIVA is great for coaches & teams

If you’re a coach, SIVA is an invaluable tool for you to use in your training. Coaches from around the world using a simple cell phone, can capture their students as they train, and then use SIVA to show them areas of weakness and specific directions on how they can improve and optimise their performance.

While video analysis tools are already widely used for golf, SIVA is the first to inject artificial intelligence into the process, providing a wealth of data and information without any manual inputs. Packed with machine learning algorithms, SIVA will also learn from every video you upload, providing better results and even more valuable data each time.

How can I try SIVA out?

It’s never been easier to start improving your golf game. Sprongo provides a free trial for you to start analysing videos straight away. Just head to www.sprongo.com and sign up for your free trial today.