Video analysis is all about improving athletic performance through careful analysis and evaluation of an athletes performance. Using video to analyse movements can help you pick up on where you can improve in technique and approach.

Video analysis software has been used for many years by tennis professionals and coaches to help players improve their performance. It allows you to review both your own performance and technique while also understanding the plays and movements of your competitors.

Up until now, video analysis has been quite a lengthy process, with the user having to manually draw lines and angles on top of your video, frame-by-frame. Sprongo however, has Intelligent Video Analytics to make the process a whole lot easier. It combines artificial intelligence and machine learning together, to create a video analysis tool that automatically identifies your subject and creates a skeleton of the body’s movements within a segment of that video. 

This takes all the manual work out of the process, and within moments it can provide you with a wealth of useful data and insights for you to review. Sprongo’s machine learning capabilities also learns from you over time, getting quicker and providing more useful insights the more videos you analyze.

It can also help you coach virtually, and engage in better communication with your athletes. Team members can add their own videos within the platform, and coaches can analyse them and add comments and highlight movements for feedback to help improve their performance. 

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