We have developed a new Auto Voice Tag feature to help make video analysis an even easier process for coaches and athletes. This new feature gives the Sprongo platform the ability to make automatic suggestions for tags based on the audio of a video. This saves you time in having to manually add tags onto your videos. 

Here’s how to use the Auto Voice Tag feature:

  1. When recording your video, clearly state what you would like to add as a tag onto your video. For example, say the relevant athlete’s name in the audio of the video to have it added as an automatic tag.
  2. When uploading your video, enable the ‘Auto Voice Tag function’.
  3. Once you’ve uploaded your video, you’ll be able to see the suggested tags under the ‘Added Tags’ section.

Athletes or other coaches you have auto-tagged into your video will receive a notification and be able to view your video. Adding tags onto your videos has never been easier. 

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