There are hundreds of sports in the world. Some are played locally and others are played globally. These are the ones that have the most fans worldwide.

1. Football / Soccer

Soccer for Americans but known worldwide as football. Its official name is Association Football and with 4 billion followers is by far the most popular sport in the world.

2. Cricket

Cricket is the second most popular sport with 2.5 Billion followers. Played mainly in the former colonies of the British Empires. Being the most popular sport in India helps getting to second place.

3. Hockey (Field and Ice)

Ice hockey is the most popular sport in northern countries. Its field variation is also popular in Western Europe, Oceania, South Asia, Southern Africa and South America. Both together have 2 billion followers.

4. Tennis

Tennis is one of the most known sports worldwide and it’s played in every continent. Professional tennis players do a world tour every year. It has 1 billion followers.

5. Volleyball (including Beach Volleyball)

Its played in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Combining its indoor and beach variations it has 900 million followers.

6. Table Tennis.

Mainly played in East Asia it has 875 million followers.

7. Basketball.

Played globally. Especially popular in the Americas and Europe. 825 million followers.

8. Baseball.

Mainly played in the United States, the Caribbean and East Asia. 500 million followers.

9. Rugby.

Popular in Europe, Oceania, South Africa, Argentina and Japan. 475 million followers.

10. Golf.

Primarily played in North America, Western Europe and East Asia. 450 million followers.