Sprongo News and Updates

New Exclusive Service For Skiers

Sprongo has just added 6 winning World Cup race runs for the current season! Access is exclusively for our PRO users. If you have a PRO account, sign in and check out these great athletes showing how it’s done. Use our features to comment and highlight key moments in each of the runs and share with your team!

You can even use our skiing video analysis tools such as slow motion, side by side and overlaid comparison tools to check out how your form compares with the world’s best. So, get started now!

If you don’t have a pro account, Sign Up or Upgrade now and take advantage of our great new Sprongo service.

Sprongo Is Getting a Makeover!

You probably already know that we are the leading provider of video analysis for skiing, rowing and other performance sport athletes. We enable cloud storage, playback and review of all your videos, and let you share your videos and collaborate with team members and coaches. Working with us, you can make real gains in performance. Having comparative videos at your fingertips is critical for improvement. Coaches can get everyone aligned, from anywhere, around advice, input and technique. Our service accelerates the feedback loop, even making it possible to give instant feedback in the field.