Video analysis is all about improving athletic performance through careful analysis and evaluation of an athletes performance. Using video to analyse movements of an athlete can help coaches pick up on where an athletes can improve in terms of technique and approach.

Here’s how video analysis can benefit athletes in their learning and development.

1. It gives coaches and athletes a chance to improve communication

Video analysis helps coaches and athletes engage in better communication. Coaches can use video analysis to highlight particular movements in an athlete’s performance, and use it as a guide to enhance training. Athletes can also view their own footage to analyse parts of their technique that are working well, and where they may need to improve. This allows both coach and athlete to engage in discussion to talk about athlete performance and the best ways to improve.

2. It allows for training on the go

One of the biggest benefits of video analysis platforms is its ability to have online discussion groups. For example, with Sprongo Teams, you can have pages dedicated to your team, and discussion threads that allow your team to communicate and discuss their performance. It presents club members who only meet for training once a week, with another form of learning and development that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

3. It gives coaches an effective way to analyse performance

With video analysis being easier than every before, it equips coaches with an effective way to analyse their athletes performance. A video can capture everything a coach needs to review an athlete’s technique to make better decisions on what to focus on in their next training session.

4. Enables athletes to constantly improve

Video analysis platforms makes analysing video easier and more flexible for both coaches and athletes. They allow cloud storage, and instant uploads so that videos can be accessed by athletes straight away. JP Daigneault at Northwood School in New York uses Sprongo by filming his skiers do their downhill runs, and his phone automatically uploads them to the Sprongo cloud. This allows his athletes to whip out their phones and analyse their video after every single run.

Video analysis benefits not only athletes, but coaches as well, helping them improve the way they train and communicate with their team. When used efficiently, video analysis can be an effective method to boost athlete learning, performance, and development.

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